La velocidad de la luz / Cádiz

La velocidad de la luz

It is a site-specific theatre project created by Marco Canale together with elderly people from different cities around the world. The play traverses different spaces of their city: their homes, where the spectators read their memories, walking though the streets and a sacred place of the city, where they perform a fiction that traverses the past, present and future.

The Speed of Light was created in Buenos Aires (FIBA, 2017), Hannover (Theaterformen Festival, 2019), Tokyo (Tokyo TOKYO Festival, 2021), the Swiss Alps (FAR Festival, 2022), Spain (FIT de Cádiz, 2023) and is currently being created in Santiago de Chile (Centro GAM, 2024).

Synopsis – La velocidad de la Luz / Cádiz

When Merche discovers that her friend Charo is tied every night to a bed in her nursing home, she and her friends from the beach of La Caleta decide to kidnap her in an Operativo Comando and try to take her back to her house, which is being rented by her daughter, for tourists.

Thus, the friends will face the most terrible face of illness and death and the light of friendship. While Charo asks them to la Caleta, where her husband’s ashes lie in the seanand where she will find a defeated man, whom she will mistake for her husband.


Script and direction: Marco Canale
Performers: Juana Orihuela, Charo Ambrosio, Antonio Canto, Antonio Rodríguez Moreno, María Reina, Manuela Cano López, Chari Sánchez, María Cano López, Chari Eliso, Carmen Campo, Benjamín Gaciño, Vicente Castro, Jose Luis Gámez, Isabel Ramírez, Maruchi López, Rafaela Gallardo, Ema Rubio, Maru Mantel, Josefa Marco, Ainhoa Alonso Merino, Ramón Alonso Merino e Inma Pepe Monge.
Music: Agrupación musical Nuestro Padre Jesús de la Salud.
Musical Direction: Sergio Cuesta Luna.
Musical Subdirector: Juan Antonio Cillan Segundo.
Musical Direction: Jesus Peña de Alba.
Scenography: Mariana Tirantte
Poems: Magalí Etchebarne
Sound Design: Omar Mustafá y Calde Ramos.
Sound editing: Juan Martín Jimena.
Graphic design (maps): Loren Roldán
Assistant direction: Beatriz Torres. Foto fija: Lourdes de Vicente.
Production: FIT de Cádiz, in conjunction with the cultural program of the 15th Conference on Social Inclusion and Education in the Performing Arts and Music organized by INAEM – Ministry of Culture and Sports.