NOH (Feature Film)


Marco, an Argentine theater director, creates a contemporary play in Tokyo with a group of elderly people. Based on their memories related to the wounds of World War II, death, love and the advance of modernity over traditions. And a fiction they collectively invent linked to their visions of the future, her city and her dreams. Creating disconcerting and overwhelming scenes with songs, dances, punk, ancestral or electronic music, and characters such as Godzilla and the samurai, the Noh theater and its spirits and Japanese anarchism.

Dazzled by the beauty of the Noh theater, Marco decides to leave aside all the stories of life and focus the whole play on the story of Chiyoko – widow of the Noh master Akira – who tries to save her old Noh theater from destruction, by her own son who wants to sell it to a real estate group. Encouraged by the creation of the play Chiyoko decides to dance Noh for the first time – regardless of the fact that it is forbidden for women – confronting the spirit of Akira, who asks her to find a forgotten pine tree to save the theater.

As the Coronavirus crisis grows, Marco will face the imminent death of his father in Argentina, while the group struggles with its internal conflicts. And Chiyoko discovers the light of friendship with Yoko, the daughter of a war criminal of WWII, who encourages her to travel to the mountains in search of a forgotten pine tree where hundreds of years ago the Noh was born.


Direction: Marco Canale, Juan Fernandez Gebauer, Ignacio Ragone

Script: Marco Canale

Executive production: Giorgina Mesiano

Performers: Fuji Mikage, Yoko Imanaka, Marco Canale, Yasuhiko Terada, Eiko Aizawa, Kikuyo Sato, Setsuko Sakurai, Toshie Ozawa, Kazuko Nabekura, Yoshiko Shimizu, Reiko Ogawa, Izumi Harano, Masaaki Marc Nakagawa, Masao Hirabayashi, Terumi Imai, Daigo Narashino, Izumi Koori, Harumi Yamamoto y Rin Terada.

Direction of Photography: Juan Fernandez Gebauer

Editing: Ignacio Ragone

Sound Direction: Paula Ramirez

Ancestral music: Kiyoko Motegui

Noh Theatre direction: Temon Sasaki

Color Grading: Andrea Gómez.

Art direction: Mariana Tirantte.

Assistant Director: Rin terada

 Production: Tokyo TOKYO Festival (Arts Council Tokyo).