La velocidad de la luz / Tokyo

ABOUT LA velocidad de la Luz

It´s a site-specific theatre project created by Marco Canale together with elderly people from different cities around the world. The play traverses different spaces of their city: their homes, where the spectators read their memories, walking though the streets and a sacred place of the city, where they perform a fiction that traverses the past, present and future.

The Speed of Light was created in Buenos Aires (FIBA, 2017), Hannover (Theaterformen Festival, 2019), Tokyo (Tokyo TOKYO Festival, 2021), the Swiss Alps (FAR Festival, 2022), Spain (FIT de Cádiz, 2023) and is currently being created in Santiago de Chile (Centro GAM, 2024).

Synopsis – La velocidad de la Luz / Tokyo

A group of elderly people with nos theatree experience create a play for the Tokyo Olympics, directed by an Argentine director. Chiyoko, one of the actresses, is the widow of a Noh theater master, who intends to use the play to seek to denounce the sale of the family’s ancestral Noh theater by her only son.

The arrival of the coronavirus puts their plans and their lives at risk, but the group of elders will move forward discovering the traces of war, the light of friendship in old age, Japanese anarchism, bombings, love, the voice of the spirits and the search for a tree where the Noh Theater was born hundreds of years ago.


Script and direction: Marco Canale.

Cast: Fuji Mikage, Yoko Imanaka, Marco Canale, Yasuhiko Terada, Eiko Aizawa, Kikuyo Sato, Setsuko Sakurai, Toshie Ozawa, Kazuko Nabekura, Yoshiko Shimizu, Reiko Ogawa, Izumi Harano, Masaaki Marc Nakagawa, Masao Hirabayashi, Terumi Imai, Daigo Narashino, Izumi Koori, Harumi Yamamoto y Rin Terada.

Noh Theatre direction: Temon Sasaki

Scenography: Mariana Tirantte

Music: Juan Baya

Ancestral chant: Yasuno Miyauchi

Electronic Music: Alan Alaska

Flauta Noh: Haruhisa Hosei

Ancestral Music advisor: Kiyoko Motegui

Paintings: Alberto Rodríguez

Assistant Director: Rin Terada

Acknowledgments: Santuario Taishido Hachiman, Setagaya 

Executive Production: Giorgina Mesiano

Production: Tokyo TOKYO Festival (Arts Council Tokyo).