La velocidad de la luz – Hannover

ABOUT “velocidad de la luz”

It´s a site-specific theatre project created by Marco Canale together with elderly people from different cities around the world. The play traverses different spaces of their city: their homes, where the spectators read their memories, walking though the streets and a sacred place of the city, where they perform a fiction that traverses the past, present and future.

The Speed of Light was created in Buenos Aires (FIBA, 2017), Hannover (Theaterformen Festival, 2019), Tokyo (Tokyo TOKYO Festival, 2021), the Swiss Alps (FAR Festival, 2022), Spain (FIT de Cádiz, 2023) and is currently being created in Santiago de Chile (Centro GAM, 2024).

Synopsis: La velocidad de la luz / Hannover

Documentary: The spectators travel through different neighborhoods of Hannover visiting the houses of the actors. There, the spectators read the memories of the elders linked to the wounds of the Second World War, the transformation of the places occupied by women, and the paths of migrant communities. At the end of each reading, the elders respond with singing a song a capella.

Fictions: Gerlinde, an elderly woman from Hannover, discovers that in Eastern Europe the bodies of soldiers buried during the Second World War are taken from under the ground to sell their objects on the Internet. She then embarks on a trip to Ukraine, near Kursk, to find the body of her father, accompanied by her grandson who is suffering from depression.

In the same city, Adel, an elderly Syrian refugee living in Hannover, decides to return to Syria to look for his son, with whom he lost contact after a bombing. He is moved by a vision he had during a prayer: if he walks, his son will not die. His daughter Mona, who took him against his will to Germany to save him from death, must accompany him.


A play by: Marco Canale. Choral musical direction: Jorg Straube.
Musical direction: Juan Baya Casal, Annete y Thomas Siebert.
Art direction: Almut Breuste.
Production: Lena Leppat y Mara Martínez.
Performers and singers: Angelika Goldner, Annerose Pages, Elisabeth Von Stuckrad, Marlies Kneser, Susanne Meinow, Veronika Weber, Annemarie von Rad, Christiane Frank, Rita Eggers, Alwin Meynecke, Egbert Cassier, Hans-Georg Schürmeyer, Kurt Pages, Wael Adi, Gerlinde Griepenburg-Burow, Martin Kunze, Irmela Homburg-Krueger, Angelika Trappe, Ingeborg Rindermann, Hanna Legatis, Diane Kriegel, Ulrike Kudrass, Claudia dittmar Lindemann, Renate Klockner, Gabriele Dragon, Mona y Torsten.
Graphic design: 
Paula Erre / Trine

Script and direction: Marco Canale