True and invented stories, defamation, memories, delirium, convictions and lies. The death of a young man on the train tracks, a tea snack in a nursing home, an armed commando conformed by old women that fights for the liberation of Villa Urquiza from real estate speculators, forgotten songs, improbable memories of Perón's visits to the neighborhood, mothers and young people. How to understand death by the forest of Aokigahara in Japan, a romantic neighbor who takes Viagra, an old house catching fire, naked Indians crossing Triunvirato Avenue and a virtual reality machine that defies death, compose among others materials Urquiza, sustained by the theatre work of 30 neighbors of different generations. Flying over them the work of musicians of the neighborhood that under the direction of Juan Baya, built a poetic universe that accounts the wonderful strangeness that exists behind the facade of a seemingly common neighborhood of Buenos Aires.


Idea and Pruduction: CC25 de Mayo.
Curator: Monina Bonelli- CC25 de Mayo
Investigation advisor: Carolina Sborovsky.
Production: Aldana Illán.
Graphic creation: Paula Rodriguez, Fernando Gómez y Jazmín Miralles.
Grapich creation assitant: Romina Lardies
Audivisual creation: Rocío Caliri
Dirección Musical: Juan Bayá Casal
Tango advisor: Julio Dupláa.
Vocal direction: Eugenia Jolly.
Technics: Facundo Estol.
Director´s assistant: Gonzalo Facundo López

Written and directed by Jorge Eiro y Marco Canale.