The Births


Los Nacimientos (The births) relates how a group of elderly women from Villa 31 put on a play in which they cross America to return to the place where they were born before they died. Driven by a director - from the other side of the city - and by María, an old Bolivian woman who dreams of being reunited with her mother, whom she has not seen for sixty years.

Los Nacimientos is also a reconstruction of the unknown history of Villa 31. From its origin in 1930 to the massive demolitions of the dictatorship, the bulldozers of Domínguez in the 90s, the entrance of "paco" (crack), the complex process of urbanization and the small memories and lights that weave this great forgotten history.

Los Nacimientos is thus the life of eleven women, their conflicts, songs, and languages. Their love for the houses they built, their encounter with their dead through the bread of the dead and their discovery of theatre and cinema (whose universes intersect) at the age of 70 and 80.

What are the conflicts and powers that can arise from the encounter between two sides of the city that do not usually look at each other?

Los Nacimientos seeks to be - in the midst of all the contradictions - the construction of a strength.



A play by: Marco Canale. 

Performance and texts: Adelaida Franco, María Rojas, Candelaria Ospina, Flora Solano, Francisca Vedia, Roberta Reloj, Paula Severi, Marta Huarachi, Beatriz Spitta, Ramona Escalante y Marta Giménez.
Music: Juan Baya. 

Set design: Micaela Sleigh
Musical composition: Juan Bayá
Sound and production design: JLuciano Giambastiani
Charango: J José Tolaba
Sound assitance: Rosa María Nolly
Lighting design: Ricardo Sica

Direction: Marco Canale
Artistic advisor:  Javier Swedzky

Executive Producer Marlene Nordlinger
Acting producer Anabella Zarbo Colombo
Production collaboration Sofia García Jabif
Assistant directors in staging and performances Irina Galimini and María Pía Baschong
TNC rehearsal assistant director: Vanesa Campanini.

Direction: Marco Canale y Javier Swedzky.


Con el Apoyo de: Teatro Nacional Cervantes. Institut Français d’Argentine, la Embajada de Francia, Fundación Crear vale va Pena, VEOLIA y TNA - Teatro Cervantes.