The Births


Los Nacimientos (The Births) borns from the ancestral tradition of "tantawawas" or bread of the dead. Practiced in the Andean countries, people knead, mold and cook bread figures to connect with the dead. The bread keeps the form of those things that the dead loved: a flower, the moon, a kite, a ball, a book. And also ways that allow us to approach them: a window, a ladder, a globe. At the end of the bread, the houses open their doors to the neighbors. Those who are given the bread of the dead (sometimes also beer or "chicha") and are invited to pray for the dead of the house. All this happens in the framework of the celebration of the "day of the dead".

From this action of cooking bread for our dead, the actresses developed together with the directors Marco Canale and Javier Swedzky, a laboratory in which they decided which person they wanted to give their bread, recalling stories and figures of bread that bind them . Turning the dough (its ingredients, the raw and cooked dough) into life-giving figures, and the words that emerged from the memories into songs. Crossing paths of migration, violence, love, losses and births.

The play - of which we still present some fragments - is an invitation not only to see this process. Also to share the same questions and the possibility to make bread for our beloved ones, that have died. Who are our dead? How do we remember them? Does it make sense to make bread for them?

"The births" is the second creation process promoted by the group of actresses of Villa 31, a favela of Buenos Aires, after the premiere at the FIBA ​​of "The speed of light", directed by Marco Canale.


Performance and texts: Adelaida Franco, María Rojas, Candelaria Ospina, Flora Solano, Francisca Vedia, Roberta Reloj, Paula Severi, Marta Huarachi, Beatriz Spitta, Esther Romero, Ana María Pico y Marta Giménez.
Musical Direction: Juan Baya Casal y José Tolaba.
Advisor in Singing: María Merlino.
Dramaturgy: Marco Canale y Javier Swedzky.

Direction: Marco Canale y Javier Swedzky.


Con el Apoyo de: Institut Français d’Argentine, la Embajada de Francia, Fundación Crear vale va Pena, VEOLIA y TNA - Teatro Cervantes.