Die Geschwindigkeit des Lichts


This work is conceived as the construction of a living space shared for months by elderly people of a city. They meet in a church, in a rehearsal room, in bars or in their homes to read letters, share memories, write, have breakfast, walk the streets and spaces of their city, and glimpse those places and life stories that hold a value for them.

The photo of a beautiful wooden water mill in Syria, the candidates of an elderly woman in the Happen social network or the history of Hanover imagined through its trees and a black eagle. The crossing of a man walking towards Syria since if he walks his son does not die. The memories of the bombings, the drunkenness, the burials and the conversations they had with their parents, before they died, about their participation in Nazism. The trains that departed from Alhem to the Lager, the theft of the factories and a Jewish garden school turned into the Gestapo Barracks and the gardens that their students built in different cities of the world. Burials, births, studies, misfortunes, the search for the bones of a father in a forest in Russia, a kidnap to save Hannover 69 Footbal Club from descending to second division, and the singing of older people who have sung since childhood. Their families, their work and the love. What they have built with their own lives.

The work, born of this shared process of life, is at the same time a trace of it. The bodies, the words and the voices are the place to narrate what was lived and to build something of our own in the present, which allows us to foresee possible futures, in this and other levels of existence. This work may wish to be (beyond beliefs or atheism) the force of a faith.


Choral Music Direction: Jörg Straube.
Music: Juan Baya Casal, Annete and Thomas Siebert.
Art design: Almut Breuste.
Production: Lena Leppat and Mara Martínez.
Performers and singers: Angelika Goldner, Annerose Pages, Elisabeth Von Stuckrad, Marlies Kneser, Susanne Meinow, Veronika Weber, Annemarie von Rad, Christiane Frank, Rita Eggers, Alwin Meynecke, Egbert Cassier, Hans-Georg Schürmeyer, Kurt Pages, Wael Adi, Gerlinde Griepenburg-Burow, Martin Kunze, Irmela Homburg-Krueger, Angelika Trappe, Ingeborg Rindermann, Hanna Legatis, Diane Kriegel, Ulrike Kudrass, Claudia Dittmar Lindemann, Renate Klockner, Gabriele Dragon, Mona and Torsten.

Written and directed by Marco Canale.

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